July 2023

Added by Chailey Stowe
Published 4 October 2023


Seasonal models were pretty set on a very warm, dry July pattern with anticyclonic ridging and would likely be the best month of the summer of 2023. MJO was very active and favoured but then completely collapsed towards the end of June putting curtains on any hopes of the July that was anticipated. Instead, it was the wettest July since 2009 for England & Wales and in Ireland the wettest on national record. Whilst not met with the same level of attention as a winter flop, as far as summer flops go, this was as massive as it gets. To add more irony, July turned out to be the coolest month of the summer between June and September.

Chailey adds “Unfortunately wasn’t MetRyans best hour as he spent a good month talking about warm July prospects for the MJO to completely collapse giving us the “wonderful” weather we got instead”

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