September heatwave

Added by Joe Williams
Published 27 September 2023


A grand spell of weather from 3rd – 10th September, courtesy of a heat dome setting up over northwestern Europe. Bags of sunshine and temperatures into the high 20s/low 30s was a welcome relief after the poor July and mediocre August.

WX Awards Note:

Check out this report from the Met Office.

In early September the UK experienced a significant heatwave with daily maximum
temperatures exceeding 30°C somewhere in the UK for seven consecutive days from 4th to
10th and reaching 31 to 32°C across south-east England. On 10th, Faversham (Kent)
recorded 33.5°C, making this, unusually, the hottest day of the year. While the highest
temperatures were mostly confined to southern England and Wales, temperatures also
briefly reached the high 20s in both Northern Ireland and Scotland. Northern Ireland
recorded a new September temperature record of 28.0°C at Castlederg (County Tyrone) on
the 8th.

While this heatwave would not have been particularly unusual had it occurred during the
high summer months (July or August), this was, for September, the longest run of days
exceeding 30°C on record.

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