Storm Ciaran

Added by Daniel Finch, Chailey Stowe
Published 12 November 2023


Storm Ciarán was an exceptionally severe storm for the time of year, bringing damaging winds across northern France and the Channel Islands which bore the brunt on the southern flank of the storm. In the UK, Ciarán was comparable in severity with the ‘Great Storm’ of 16th of October 1987. While Ciarán also brought very strong winds to the South Coast, with gusts of 60 to 70Kt (69 to 81mph), the location of the storm track meant that the worst impacts occurred to the south across the English Channel. For the UK, recorded wind speeds were fairly typical for a major Atlantic storm. Storm Ciarán was also an exceptionally deep area of low pressure (with the central pressure tending to correspond with the intensity of the storm). Plymouth, Kinterbury Point (Devon) recorded 953.3hPa, England’s lowest November pressure on record. Ciarán also brought further significant and unwelcome heavy rainfall on top of persistent wet weather through much of October.

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