The Many Faces of Giddy Gav

Added by Iceman2606
Published 12 October 2023


GavsWeatherVids is a very well known and reliable UK weather YouTuber who creates daily forecasts covering short, medium and long range timescales as well as storm/snow watches, seasonal updates and livestreams. Things change massively on a Friday night however where professionalism is thrown out the window and giddy Gav makes his appearance fuelled by magic water. Giddy Gav has become quite the meme over the last few years with screenshots and clips circulating around on Twitter of some of his funniest moments. This collage is of the many faces of giddy Gav and I highly recommend tuning into the Friday night lives if you can.

Check out his channel “GavsWeatherVids” to join in on the fun!

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  1. The Many Faces of Giddy Gav
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